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BFL English on Phone is a revolutionary service in English Language Learning Domain. English on Phone provides learners a chance to learn English in a comfortable environment of their own choice. Learning English on Phone is a brilliant way of learning English with a personal trainer which can enhance your skills in a very short amount of time without even moving out of your home for classes. Learn English on Phone with Best Foreign Languages which is the leading institute in English Speaking and Communication and Foreign Language Courses across India.


  1. Why “Online English on phone”?

  2. Online English on phone significance could be understood as follows:
    No need o travel and join physical centre, which saves your time and travelling expanse.

  3. Find a flexible timing for your batch
    c. get studied on “one tutor one student” concept.
  4. Get best tutor from other cities as its on call service.
  5. Due to telecom revolution no financial burden for phone calls
  6. Get a dynamic portal which will facilitate you for many fantastic features like, my community, my recordings, my study materials, my exam, open forum for discussion. And a lot of stuffs



  1. But Physical trainer has impact of face to face interaction!!Yes it do, we are not denying the same. But in “Online English on phone” you will be interacted to one trainer; the day you join it will be a fresh batch for you. The distraction due to group classes. Direct interaction on phone to transform English spoken to personal training and guidance programmed. In market the personal trainer costs you more than enough and sometimes too costly to get one
  2. What will the duration of course?It depends on your proficiency level, from 1 month course to 3 month course programm we have as per the requirement and level of students.
  3. How much do I need to pay to start?We are very flexible and dedicated for education for everyone concept, in spite of structure of the course, we ask for one month fees in advance only, which cost around 3000/- only.


  1. Paying in advance wouldn’t risk me??No, not at all. First of all we are into the market since last 30 yrs delivering our services to more than 30000 students till date. Next we offer you free of cost demo class to ensure your suitability with us.


  1. Do I have to pay before Demo class??No demo class is absolutely free you have to just enroll with us by clicking this link, or calling at this num or just watsapp us, if you wish you may mail us also..
  1. What I will be getting in demo class??you will be getting 30 mins audio call from our trainer in which you will be get introduced to each other , after that a small proficiency test would be taken to understand you English skills and level of proficiency. On the basis of same you will be given class in next remaining minutes.
    We have distributed first 5 minutes for intro, next 5 minutes for test and rest 20 minutes for classes.
  1. Do I need laptop or tablet or Smartphone for attending class.Well your 30 minutes class will run on normal handset as it’s just an audio call but since you need to get study materials therefore its recommended that you must have a Smartphone to access watsapp / emails for the same.
  1. Do I have any customer support services?Of course you have, if any kind of inconvenience you feel in attending class you may call us/write us/whatsapp us.
  1. What benefits I will get through “online English on phone”please have a look:world class trainers.
    Quality education.
    One to conversation.
    eliminating your speaking hitch.
    Removing your English speaking hesitation.
    allowing you to speak more and more.

Find new words to express yourself and raise your requirements.
Making you more dynamic.
Enhancing your personality.
Improvising your vocabulary.
Let u get rid out of word shortage so that you may make more and more sentences.
Allow you to explore the real you.
Boosting your confidence so that you may find yourself more confident.

  1. What would be my time table; do I have to give time daily and how many minutes everyday? Does it works round the clock“Online English on Phone” runs from 06:00 am to 8:30 pm (i.e.; 14 hours 30 minutes a day). The other best part of “Online English on Phone” is you are taught 5 days a week and 2 days are provided as gap for practice and adjust your weekend planning. That in turns make:
Minutes taught daily Days taught a week Total week in a month Total minutes a month


30minutes 5days 4week 600minutes


  1. What kind of certification will be provided to me after “Online English on Phone” course?Our prime target is to improve your spoken skills and enhance your proficiency level which we believe is itself a remarkable certification for both students and our organization. But since every course undergone successfully comes up with certification programme. While you join the course we initiate your studies by evaluating yourself for this you have to undergo one assessment , later on in the mid of course we do the similar assessment depending upon the completion level and expected proficiency level of yours. Finally at the time when you successfully accomplish the course we will certify you with your passing grades. An assessment report and one certificate will be issued to your postal address of the same.
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